Since its inception LVL had been investing in a large number of sectors. During the past 5 years it has narrowed its focus on investments in Energy and Healthcare sectors. In June 2006 LVL formed a fully owned subsidiary under the name LVL Energy Fund (Private) Limited (LEF) to channel its investments in the energy sector.


1.1 Nividu (Private) Limited (NPL)


NPL owns two mini-hydro power generation plants; one situated in Belihuloya in the Ratnapura district and the other in Assupiniella in Kegalle district. The two plants are of the size of 2.2 MW and 4.0 MW respectively. The annual generation capacity of the plants is 10 GWh and 18 GWh respectively. The Belihuloya plant had been in operation since May 2002 and the Assupiliella plant commenced operations in November 2005. NPL is a joint venture with LTL Holdings Limited. LVL’s total investment in the two projects is Rs. 33 million.

The salient features of the projects are given below:

Belihuloya Assupiniella
Head (meters) 178 210
Channel length (meters) 910 1,600
Penstock length (meters) 500 1,100
Turbine type Turgo Pelton
Turbine make Wasserkraft Volk AG, VA Tech,
Germany Germany / India
 1.2 Unit Energy Lanka (Private) Limited (UEL)


UEL owns and operates a 6.0 MW mini-hydro power generation plant across Mahaweli river in Ginigathhena in the Nuwara Eliya district. The generation capacity of the plant is 19 GWh and the plant commenced operations in March 2008. UEL is a joint venture with VS Hydro (Private) Limited. LVL’s total investment in the project is Rs. 85 million.

The main features of the project are as follows:

Head (meters) 118
Channel length (meters) 1,800
Penstock length (meters) 1,100
Turbine type Francis
Turbine make Voith Siemens Hydro Kraft GmbH,


1.3 Neluwa Cascade Hydro Power (Private) Limited (NCHP)


NCHP operates a 2.2 MW mini-hydro power generation plant across Gin Ganga in Neluwa in the Galle district. The plant had been in operation since January 2008 and is capable of generating 9 GWh of electricity per year. NCHP is a joint venture with Hayleys Industrial Solutions Limited. LVL’s total investment in the project is Rs. 99 million.

The main features of the plant are given below:

Head (meters) 6
Channel length (meters) 40
Penstock length (meters) No Penstock
Turbine type Kaplan
Turbine make Gugler Hydro Energy GmbH,Austria

2. Healthcare Sector

2.1 Durdans Heart Surgical Centre (Private) Limited (DHSC)

DHSC is part of Durdans Hospital and is a specialized unit for providing surgical and other facilities like cath lab procedures in relation to heartcare. The company had been in operation since May 2000 and up to end March 2010 had carried out 5,631 heart operations and 14,426 cath lab procedures. LVL’s current investment in the company is Rs 14.62 million.

2.2 Durdans Medical & Surgical Hospital (Private) Limited (DMSH)

DMSH is an expansion project of the Durdans Hospital which aims at adding 150 beds to the Durdans Hospital increasing the total bed strength to 315. The new hospital project will comprise two towers of 12 floors each and a car park that can accommodate 70 vehicles. The project is nearing completion but had started operations stage-by-stage facilitating smooth build up of human resources and commissioning of modern equipment. The new hospital will be fully functional by October 2010. LVL had invested Rs. 125 million in the new project.

3. Other Sector

3.1 Tudawe Brothers Limited (TBL)

TBL is a leading engineering contractor in the country which had been in the business for over 65 years. It had been involved in major road and building constructions work and is renowned for achieving high quality standards. LVL’s current investment in the company is Rs. 20.0 million.

3.2 e-Services Lanka Limited (ESL)

ESL commenced operations in 2002 with a significant government shareholding to facilitate the electronic transmission of Customs Declarations. The project had not been able to achieve the level of market penetration envisaged at the outset and as a result is not operating profitably. The current market penetration is only 26%. LVL invested Rs. 25 million in ESL.

3.3 Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited (RFPL)

RFPL commenced commercial operations in 1997 and is a leading exporter of ceramic and porcelain tableware. RFPL recorded an export turnover of Rs. 474 million during the year ended 31 March 2010 but had not been able to operate profitably for several years. LVL’s investment in RFPL is Rs. 30 million.