T-Bills & T-Bonds are issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka. These instruments are used to fund the Government’s budget deficit. The Public Debt Department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka administers the issue of Government Securities . The investors can approach primary dealers & purchase T-Bills, T-Bonds , Repos & Reverse Repos through them.

Investor Types

1. Local Investors

  • Sri Lankan citizens who are over 18
  • Dual citizens of Sri Lanka
  • Institutions incorporated in Sri Lanka
    Can invest in Government T-Bills, T-Bonds , Repos & Reverse Repos.

1.1 Documents to be submitted for a Corporate /Institutional client

  • Duly filled ASL application form. (Please refer down loads)
  • A certified copy of Articles of Association.
  • A certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation & Business registration.
  • Board resolution naming the authorized signatories with specimen signatures.
  • Form 20 (Director Details)

1.2 Documents to be submitted for an individual client

  • A clear copy of the National Identity Card / valid Passport

1.3 Transfer of funds to Acuity Securities

  • Deposit cash into our current account with HNB ( Account No : 002 010 144 102 /Account Title- Acuity Securities LTD) or to our DFCC Vardhana account (DFCCVB – 007-001007859 (city office branch) /Account title –Acuity Securities LTD) or,
  • Issue a cheque in favour of Acuity Securities Ltd. (investment date is subject to realization ) or,
  • RTGS transfer from your local bank. (ASL swift code HNBSLKLX /CBSL acc no- 70033)
    • For more details please down load the e-brochure.

2. Foreign Investors

  • Foreign Country funds , Regional Funds or mutual funds.
  • Institutions (corporate bodies) incorporated outside Sri Lanka
  • Citizens of foreign states
    Can invest in Government T-Bills & T-Bonds.

2.1 As a foreign investor how can you invest in Sri Lankan Treasury Bills and Bonds?

Step 1: Open a Securities Investment Account ( SIA) A/C through a commercial bank such as Hatton National Bank or DFCC Vardhana Bank.

  • SIA account opening mandate (Please refer downloads)
  • KYC form (Please refer downloads)

Step 2: Investment A/c opening – Acuity Securities Ltd

  • ASL Application form (Please refer downloads)
  • (If a SIA account has already been opened in SL, a letter from the respective commercial bank. In the alternative, a letter from the client’s off –shore bank.)
    Once you submit the completed forms along with documentation you will be allocated a unique customer code, and simultaneously a CDS account will be opened with the CBSL, once purchases are made.

Step 3: Negotiate interest rates – Acuity Securities Ltd

Step 4: Remit Funds-to SIA A/C

Step 5: Investments in T-Bills/Bonds

Step 6: Maturity proceeds- Acuity Securities Ltd

For more details please download the e-brochure.